Thursday, 26 September 2013

Swatch: Pahlish - Dark Parades

 Hi everyone, how's your week been so far?  Today I have a swatch of the gorgeous Pahlish - Dark Parades.  Some of you may have seen this when I posted a (really) mini-haul from Facebook last week.

Dark Parades is a dark purple jelly base with all sorts of glitters mixed in.  There are 2 sizes of hex glitter, a tiny amount of bar glitter and even the odd square here and there.  There is also green shimmer running throughout.  I would list each individual type if I had any chance of being able to pick them out!  It's one of those polishes where every nail is a little different from the last.  For my swatches, I layered 2 coats over Rimmel 60 Seconds - Black Out.  (A plain black creme)
I did the odd bit of dabbing here and there, but it wasn't really needed, just personal preference.   I really like this polish, and can't wait to try it over other colours.  In fact, this little mini haul has opened a can of worms for me!  I have bought quite a few indie polishes in the last week or two, and I will be posting a combined haul in the next week or two so you can see my shame!
 Anyway, I think that's quite enough of me waffling, so here are the rest of the pretty pictures : D


  1. Oh this is cure, love the colour combination and the different glitter shapes

    1. me too, I love eclectic glitter mixes like this. Especially the inclusion of square glitter! Me likey sqaures : D xx


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