Thursday, 12 September 2013

Liebster Award

Hi everyone, just a quick post from me today, but I'll be back tomorrow to introduce you to a new weekly feature called Fragrance Direct Friday. 
This post is just to let you know I have been nominated for the Liebster award. I'm not 100% sure what it is, but I've seen it around on other blogs.  From what I can tell, it's more of a way of getting newer or less-known blogs out there for people to see, and to let your readers know a little bit about you and your blog.  It is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers but a good blog. There are a few rules to claim the award.  They are:

1. You must nominate 11 other bloggers, all with fewer than 200 followers, and you must notify them of your nomination.
2. You must answer 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you.
3. You must give your nominees 11 questions to answer.
4. You must link back to the blogger who nominated you.

The wonderful lady that nominated me was Melissa from Take Me To Your Lacquer and these are the answers to her questions:

  1. Where did your blog name come from? 
  2. I wanted something that told people it was a british blog, about polish, and bargain-hunting, so penny pinching polish was perfect.  I was actually surprised no-one else had already pinched it.  I googled it, and the only results were for a feature on A Thrifty Mrs, but if you know any blogs with this name, please let me know!

    2. Do you swatch your whole hand, both hands or just the four fingers of your non-dom hand?

    I do both hands for art normally, and I swatch on my left hand only, because it’s usually coming off in a few hours.  At the moment though, I’m doing daily nail art so I can build up a little vault, and I’m only changing the design on my left hand.  I just wear a glove on my right hand when I’m handling remover etc.

    3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? I kid I kid, what is the dream for your blog? Any hopes for its future? 
    My main hope for my blog is that I post regular, attractive nail art and swatches, share all the bargains I find, and provide helpful tips for anyone who’s learning nail art.
    4. Do you display your polishes or are they tidied away?
    I display them, but not in an expensive wall rack.  Mine are in chrome spice racks on my wall.  I have pictures and a link to where you can get the same ones for a tenner on my Stash page : )
    5. Favourite film?
    Probably the Harry Potter movies, I've loved them for so long, although I do like reading the books more. There's just more to them in my opinion, and I've loved reading since I was a kid.
    6. What makes a good polish for you? Bottle shape, consistency, brush thickness, etc?
    Good pigmentation, and not too watery in the formula.  (Me and runny polish do not get along!)  Also, can I just be the first person ever to say I hate OPI’s wide brush.  It’s not the width, it’s the square shape.  My nails are tiny, and I have quite curvy cuticles.  I can never paint my baby finger with that brush without either missing a big chunk by the cuticle, or getting it all over my finger.  I’m sure they’re great for average or larger sized nails, but not mine!  On the flip-side, the Rimmel Lycra Pro range have a flat, wide brush, but it’s curved at the tip, and those are fantastic for me to work with.
    7. What was your dream job as a kid?
    It was, and still is professional chocolate eater.  The only way that could be better is to include painting my nails.
    8. Gifs in blogs, yay or nay?
    Mishka’s (accio lacquer) is the only one I really read with gifs in, but hers always make me laugh, even when I don’t get the reference!  So I guess yes, but only if they’re funny : D
    9. What's the best thing that's happened to you because of your blog?
    I’ve only been blogging for 2 weeks, but already I’ve joined Crumpet’s nail tarts, and the British Nail Bloggers group which is awesome!  I would just say getting involved in groups with other like-minded lacquerheads really.
    10. Who shot first?
     Whoever owns the biggest polish stash, so I can claim it for my own when they get carted off to the big house.
    11. How long can you see yourself blogging for?
    Probably a very long time.  I no longer have to run around spamming everyone's faces with my nails, just my mum and sometimes my other half.  Plus, I’ve loved painting my nails since I was about 12 or 13 and even back then, I had a humungous stash of about 30 polishes.  Sounds pitiful now, but the only money I had then was from doing chores for my mum to earn a pound or two!

    These are the blogs I've nominated to receive the award:
    Neon Sparkly Nails 
    A girl and her chicken named Betty 
    A Sparkling Finish 
    Naily Perfect 
    Nail Art by Divya 
    She Who Does Nails 
    Never Ending Nails 
    A Show of Hands
    Ninja Blossom Nails
    So Many Lovely Things 
    My Nail Files

    From what I can tell these loevely ladies are still a little short of the 200 mark, but I didn't check all platforms cos I just don't have that much time, I've got nails to paint : )

    Anyway, my 11 questions for all of you are:
    1. What inspired you to blog?
    2. What's your fave finish of nail polish?
    3. What's your earliest polish memory/the thing that got you really hooked on nails?
    4. Whatr technique that you have not yet tried yet would you like to master?
    5. What's yopur go-to mani when you're pushed for time?
    6. How long have you been doing nail art?
    7. What are your 3 favourite hand-care items?
    8. If there were no limits, what shape and length would you like your nails to be?
    9. Do you have a day job, and if so, what is it?
    10. What mani are you most proud of, and why?
    11. Do you have other hobbies other than painting your nails?

    Well, that was alot of typing!  If any of you ladies would like to accept the award , can you comment/message/tweet me with a link when it's on your blog, and please link back to my blog in the post aswell.  Thanks!



    1. Wow! Thank you so much! I got nominated not too long ago, so I may only do the question bit of this, if that's ok? Thank you again :) x

      1. Your welcome, and yeh that's absolutely fine hun, you don't have to do it at all if you don't want so it's totally up to you :) x

    2. Thanks oodles for nominating me! I have the same dilemma as Olivia up there, I just recently did one with all my links, but I'd love to answer all your questions! I'll probably post it either today or tomorrow.

      1. Hey, now worries hun, it's way too much to post more than once! It took me a lot longer than I thought it would for mine!

    3. Thanks for thinking of me, Sarah!

    4. Thanks for sending me your link, I disagree with the OPI brush hate but I am a fan of the Rimmel ones too!

      1. If my nails were bigger, or just more square shaped at the cuticle I think it would be great, but my cuticles are really c-shaped on my pinky, and it's much harder for me. If they made the tip curvy, I'd love them. The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line have an awesome brush too!

    5. Thanks for the nomination :) ill have a proper read when am back home tomorrow and see how it works but a, defo keen to take part! :)

    6. Thanks for nominating me

    7. Thanks for nominating me - Please stop by my blog for the award post. :-)


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