Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pink Stars

Hey all, sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I am working on things that are not quite finished, so you'll have some good stuff coming your way soon. (including Fragrance Direct Friday : D)  This is a quick stamping mani I did a couple of days ago.  The pink is Kleancolor - Metallic Pink (smaller amounts available from same place, this is just best value), which is shown at 1 coat here.  It's a really great polish, can be used for stamping as well, but they do smell really bad.  Although, I own a few of them, and I don't find it as bad now as when I first got them.  They're so pretty I can't help but use them a lot, and I suppose I've got used to it.  Just be prepared, as it's very different to any polish I've smelt before, it's quite weird!

On the photos, I can see a bit of a bald patch on the middle finger, but you can't see it IRL.  The polish has that shimmery, lit from within look that completely disguises it.  I stamped with Barry M Silver Foil and Cheeky plate CH51, and the glitter is NYX - Spotlight.  (DUPE - Barry M - Diamond Glitter)

I think I've figured out why my stamping has little bits missing here and there, so I'll be testing that theory tonight in preparation for the the beginner stamping post I'm working on.  I'm no expert, but there's quite a few things I wish I had known from the beginning, so I will be sharing everything I've learnt so far with all of you lovely ladies very soon.


  1. Hi where did you get the plate from for stamping?
    Lisa x

    1. Hi I got it from Amazon UK. It's part of the Cheeky Summer 2012 set of plates. just search cheeky summer 2012 and the first result should be a little pink and white gingham box. That's them!


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