Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Color Club - Miss Bliss


Hi everyone, just a quick swatch post from me today.  You may have (almost certainly) noticed that my skin looks really yellow here.  That's because I took this photo in indoor lighting.  I want to show that just because the sun has gone away, you don't have to go without pretty bendy rainbows on your nails!

This gorgeous polish is Color Club - Miss Bliss, and as you can see, she clearly does not need the sun to show her beauty.  That is some serious holo goodness!  I was lucky enough to pick this up from a blog sale about a month ago, and am really lemming for Eternal Beauty now too : )  Also, please ignore my terribly airbrushed knuckle in the above picture, I had a gross wound that I wanted to spare you guys from looking at : D

I also wanted to post this swatch as it's been sitting in my drafts folder for ages now, and I will be featuring this polish in my mani tomorrow for day 2 of the Crumpet's Nail Tarts 33 day challenge.

Anyway, how about you guys, will you be packing away all your holo's untill next summer, or do you like to use them all year round?


  1. This is really gorgeous! Great it still shines without sunlight.

  2. Yellow or not, finger wound or otherwise, what a holo!

  3. Pretty! I love color club. As for puzzling away polishes never! Haha, I'm terribly badly behaved when it comes to seasonality...I wear whatever whenever lol. Xx

  4. It really is gorgeous, my mum keeps nicking it though lol. and amanda, thanks for making me feel better about my simpson skin : D xx


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