Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rainbow Connection UK

Hi everyone, hope your weekend has been great so far.  Just a quick heads up for anyone who doesn't already know yet.  There is a new UK stockist of indie polishes called Rainbow Connection UK.  There will be a staggered launch, starting tonight at 8pm.  The brands that will be available tonight are:
-Liquid Sky Lacquer
-CrowsToes Nail Color
-Polished by KPT (pre-order event)

Here's what Anette has to say about her shop:
Rainbow Connection is the UK's premier stockist of top international independent nail lacquer brands. The store is headed by Annette, the proprietor and also die hard polish fan. Rainbow Connection operates out of the northwest of England. We strive to make great international nail lacquers easily available to our UK customers without the hefty shipping and customs fees. Established since 2011 and began life as Shoppe Eclecticco, a similar concept store based in Singapore. 

All the brands she will be stocking are cruelty-free and most are Big 3 Free too!  Over the coming weeks, she will be adding more brands a few at a time, including
-Dollish Polish
-Lush Lacquer
-Lacquer Lust
-Polish Addict
-Ethereal Lacquer
-Black Cat Lacquer
-Glisten & Glow
-Smitten Polish
-Jindie Nails
-Contrary Polish
-Glam Polish
And that's just for starters! Annette hopes to add many more brands as time goes on, and would love to hear what brands you guys would like to see stocked, so if you have any suggestions, head over to her facebook page and let her know.
As if that wasn't enough to get you excited, she is also offering 10% off ALL orders until 6th October.  Just use the code OPEN at the checkout. 

I am really looking forward to the launch, even if I am too broke to start buying tonight!  I have a sneaky suspicion that she's going to have a hugely successful night tonight though, so if there's something you really want, you may want to get in quick!

I wish Annette all the best of luck tonight, and hope it all goes brilliantly for her.


  1. Wow you have impressive self control, I'm too broke to buy polish and I still ended up ordering four or five Haha. X

    1. funny thing is, now, less than a week later I've bought 11 indies in the last 2 weeks! Popped my indie cherry, and now pandora's box is open! xxx


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