Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nail Mail!

 Hi everyone, I will be double posting today as I got some nail mail this morning, and I can't wait to show you all.  I finally popped my indie cherry!  I recently joined a couple of polish swap/sale groups on facebook, and have found myself drooling quite frequently since joining.  I have wanted so many indie polishes for a very long time, but not really had any cash for polish buying. However, I was feeling slightly flusher less broke this week, so when I saw these 3 stunners for sale from the same person, I was begging her to take my money!I originally only ordered the candeo and pahlish, but the next day I saw that no-one had claimed the crowstoes, and googled some swatches.  Well, I say googled, but ogled would be more accurate!  It was a done deal the second I saw those swatches!

I know some of you may be thinking, indie polish isn't exactly bargain basement stuff, and you're right.  However, it's all relative.  The complexity and beauty of most indie polish is ten times that of a lot of cheaper brands, so to me they're worth every penny. And most of them are cheaper than a lot of mainstream brands anyway.  I save all the money I can on cremes/mainstream polish etc, so I can buy indie holos/glitters etc.  I like to think of it as getting the most for my money : )   I have also joined Tara's Talons polish club as well, so I'll be getting a surprise mini and full size indie every month.  I can't wait for my first one to arrive, it's like Christmas every month!  Anyway, that's enough of my ramblings me thinks.  On to what you're all here for.......pretties!
This is Pahlish - Dark Parade.  I know that this is a brand that will be stocked on Rainbow Connection UK when it opens.  (For those who don't know, they are a new UK distributor of indie polishes from overseas, and will be starting a staggered launch tomorrow at 8pm)

 Next up is Candeo Colors - Orchid.
And last but certainly not least, we have Crowstoes - Cheshire.  LOOK AT THE PURPLE!  Crowstoes are available at these stockists:
Overall Beauty
Rainbow Connection UK
Femme Fatale
Norway Nails
Atouts Charme

And look, she chucked in a mini Candeo Colors - Jelly Bean for me as well, because she's awesome!
I will get swatches of these up on the blog in between posts for the Crumpet's 33 day challenge.  I've also ordered a grab bag of 4 polishes each from 2 different ladies, so I'll probably post a combined mini-haul when they arrive too.  

I will be posting some nails in a few minutes too : )


  1. You will never go back :) I love indies so much. Word of warning- crows toes tend to be completely packed with glitter and can be a little tricky to work with but they are totally worth it xxx

    1. just how I like 'em : ) I swatched it on a false nail this morning and it was really dense. I'm already pretty used to thick glitter though, as I wore glitter polish every day before I knew what polish thinner was : D xxx

  2. Oh I've always fancied Jelly Bean - will look forward to your swatches :-)

  3. Hi, I've nominated you for the Leibster award. See the post here:
    I hope you take part. Thanks xx

  4. Ah man I've been drooling over Cheshire for so long! And I love grab bags.... so much fun and saves me hours of indecision too Hehe. Look forward to swatches. X

    1. Ahh, cheshire, it's gorgeous, I love it! I may have accidently bought 3 shimmer polishes on facebook yesterday too! Bad Sarah XD
      ps. i like your blog, started following you a little while ago, and I love that you're open about mental health etc. So many people have been/are going through it (myself included), but no-one seems to want to talk about it - it's ridiculous xx


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