Friday, 13 September 2013

Fragrance Direct Friday

*All products purchased by me.
Hi all, today I am introducing a weekly feature for my blog called Fragrance Direct Friday.  Anyone who is familiar with this site knows that there is many a bargain to be had there.  They stock loads of branded cosmetics at greatly reduced prices as well as perfumes and bath and body/skincare etc.  They won't have an entire line of polishes in stock, mostly last season/excess stock etc, but they do have a bucket load of polishes for under £2, including Essie's for £1.99, and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure's for £1.49.  They also stock a selection of OPI's for £3.99.  Much of my stash has amassed from fragrance direct buying frenzies, and I never buy a mainstream polish unless I've checked there first  (Although my basket total has always been under £20)
 Every Friday I will be featuring swatches and reviews for a polish I have bought from there, and links to the item wherever possible.

First up is Rimmel Lycra Pro - Heart on Fire.  It's a gorgeous intense classic red.  My camera had real problems picking this colour up accurately, so I've had to do a fair bit of tweaking on the photo to show a more accurate colour.  That's why my skin colour looks so off here: )

 I was a little bit 'meh' about this in the bottle, but after I swatched it properly I started to really like it.  I've never been a fan of classic red polish really, seemed a little dated to me, but I can see myself using this a lot in the future.   The coverage was good in 2 coats, and I love the brushes on these polishes.  They're fairly wide but not too long, and the tip is curvy so it fits snugly near your cuticle.  I always seem to need a lot less clean up after painting with these types of brushes.  I can't say too much about drying time as I always use Seche Vite on wet polish, but they did seem to dry pretty quickly.  Quicker than a lot of others anyway.

 I picked this up for 99p which was a total steal!  Unfortunately, I've just checked the site, and this particular shade is no longer available.  They do have a good selection of other shades from this line for the same price which can be found here.   The best deal I could find for this particular shade was on ebay for £3.99 + free postage.  I couldn't find it on superdrug or boots, and I think there's only 1 on ebay so if you want it, you may need to be quick!

I think I may start posting these 2 at a time so I can clear the backlog, then hopefully, they'll still be on Fragrance Direct at the time of posting!

What are your thoughts on classic red polish, sexy temptress, or someone's nan?


  1. Very nice! I love reds.
    Great feature - I will definitely check back for this - thanks! I've never bought from that site but will have a look now! :-)

    1. It's crazy, the prices they have on there sometimes! I bought a Maybelline MNY polish yesterday for 75p. Those are car boot sale prices : D


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