Friday, 6 September 2013

La Femme Beauty - Ice Blue Cream

 Today I have a swatch/review of the lovely Ice Blue Cream by La Femme Beauty.  Lots of people may not have heard of this brand, but they are a cheap brand that are easily found on eBay and Amazon in the UK.  Unsuprisingly, they're not 3-free, but as per all the info I scoured the internet for before buying, they are cruelty free so big win there for such a cheap brand.  If anyone can confirm that for me either way, please leave it in the comments below : )

I purchased this particular polish as part of a set of 9 cream colours on Amazon UK for £8.50 with free p + p. Find them here  I did receive one wrong item instead of this shade, but I contacted the seller, and they quickly dispatched a replacement, and let me keep hold of the other one too. Result!  : D

Ice Blue Cream is a pale blue that leans towards lavender.  The picture show 2 easy coats.  The formula is actually really lovely on this shade.  Very creamy and easy to apply.  I am actually going to try stamping with this, as it's almost a one-coater.  The pigmentation is pretty good. The brush is not the best, it is just a cheap standard polish brush, but the formula totally makes up for that.  This swatch required minimal clean-up, which is a rarity for me as I'm quite a messy painter. : /

Trying, (and failing) to pull off a Debbie Crumpet hand pose there.  I'm still trying to find my best hand pose, it keeps twitching when I'm trying to take a photo : D

A bit later on, I will be posting a quick bit of stamping over this aswell.  It's such a lovely colour, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something soft and feminine to compliment it.


  1. Nice, I got 20 or so La Femme for christmas and they are quite good and a great price. I like this one, and sounds like you got a good seller ;)

  2. Some of them are a little pants, but seriously, even if you threw those ones in the bin it would still be a good deal! They have some really cool glitter toppers aswell. There are 2 glitter sets on Amazon, and the set of 12 is mostly 1 colour glitters, but they have a set of 18 that have some pretty complex mixes. Maybe not indie levels, but better than a lot of high street brands! I'll be posting a full review on the set in a few weeks on my blog.


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