Wednesday, 20 November 2013

#33DC - Day 26 - something from pinterest

 Hi guys, I'm back today with Day 26 of the #33DC and the prompt for today is something from pinterest/your inspiration board.  This was a tricky one for me, because up until a few weeks ago I didn't have one : D  I ended up choosing to do a (very) simplified version of this AMAZING mani by Robin Moses.  I'm gonna be honest here, and say I am so not happy with this mani.  If you want to know why then meet me after the jump!

My first problem was that I had to use an opaque base.  I have some really bad blue spotty staining at the moment, so naked nails or a sheer base was not an option.  This is the only nude I own at the moment, and it's gorgeous, but it just doesn't work with this design.  The second problem was that I think I over simplified it too much.  I was worried about my freehand not being good enough, but in hindsight, I probably could have managed something closer to the original.  The other thing that annoys me about this is that I don't like the french tip nails, and really wish I had done those ones like the index finger with the hearts.
All in all, I am putting this one down as a fail.  Maybe that's just because it's not really what I was going for, but I am determined to re-visit this mani when I've got rid of the stains on my nails, and do something closer to Robin's version.
In case you're wondering what polishes I used, the nude is Sally Hansen CSM - Bandage, the pink is Revlon Top Speed - Cupid, the lilac is Rimmel Lycra Pro - Ultra Violet, and the Black is Acrylic paint.  The fishnet design was stamped from Cheeky plate CH11 and Konad Special Polish - Black.  I freehanded everything else.  Hopefully I'll have better luck with Friday's mani : )


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