Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fragrance Direct Friday (on Saturday)

Hi guys, and welcome to another instalment of Fragrance Direct on Friday.  Today I have 3 polishes to show you, and, as you can probably tell, some nail art too.  Swatches can get boring when you see too many, so I'm trying to mix it up a little : )

The first polish I have to show you is a creamy nude called Bandage by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.  I picked this up here for £1.49, and they have a few shades from this line in stock at the moment, including Gilded Lily, a stunning sparkly gold that I will be showing you next week.
This is actually the first nude polish that I have ever bought.  I never thought I'd have a use for one before, but have had a few instances recently where I wished I did, so I was chuffed when I noticed that this shade had been added.
I actually really liked this colour when swatched, I think I finally understand what people mean when they use the term 'palette cleanser'.  I also got my order from the same morning (more on that tomorrow), and couldn't resist using one of my new plates.
I decided to keep in subtle, and stamped one of the rose designs from Mother Nature 05 with Barry M Gold Foil, and added an accent nail of Barry M - Majesty with 2 layers of top coat.  I really liked this mani, and think this would be great for one of those occasions where you shouldn't really be wearing polish.

The next polish I have to show you is Revlon Top Speed - Cupid, which is yet another polish I picked up here for 99p.  This is a gorgeous pink that looks a little cooler-toned in natural light than this photo would suggest.  I only have a couple of light pinks, but they both take at least 3 coats to reach opacity, so I picked this up in the hopes that it would be better pigmented.
I am pleased to report that the formula on this polish was brilliant.  This is 2 easy coats, and the pigmentation was excellent.  So good in fact, that I will be trying some stamping with it later in the week, so keep your eyes peeled for that : )
I really like this colour, and I'm sure this will now be my go-to light pink for some time!
 And the last polish I have to show you is the P.I.A glitter I mentioned last week that is a near-perfect dupe for Barry M - Rose Quartz glitter.  This is Shade 31, and I bought it here for £1.30.  This is a 15ml bottle too, as opposed to Barry M's which are 11ml,. however, as I mentioned last week, this is quite a strong smelling polish, very similar to the smell of Kleancolor glitter polishes, so I guess it just depends on how much that bothers you personally : )
For this swatch, I have layered 1 coat over Rimmel Lycra Pro - Ultra Violet, apart from the ring finger where I used 2 coats, and 1 coat of Seche Vite (of course)
Anyway, I'd love to hear your opinions on today's polishes, like or own any of them?  What about smelly polishes - can you tough it out, or do they go straight in the bin?
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  1. Lovely swatches and what bargain basement prices u got them for! I think the 1st mani would make a great bridal manicure for the big day! Smelly polishes don't really bother me either, I just usually paint away from people.

    1. Thanks hun! I do love me some bargains : ) I definitely agree with you about the bridal thing, especially with a cream + gold colour scheme x


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