Thursday, 28 November 2013

Indy's Indies - What's your favourite colour?

*Products in this post were discounted in exchange for review.
Hi guys, today I have another stunning polish from Indy's Indies to show you, this is What's Your Favourite Colour?  This was a Limited Edition and is currently sold out on etsy, but Danielle has hinted that she may add a couple more to the shop over the weekend, so make sure you stalk her etsy and/or facebook if you would like to snag one for yourself.

 What's your favourite colour is a clear-based glitter topper packed full of glitter in all sorts of shapes, colours and finishes.  The photos show 1 coat over 2 coats of A-England - Avalon.  I did dip the brush back in to the bottle to pick up 1 or 2 more big glitters if one spot looked a little bare, but this polish is really loaded with shapes, so most of them were on the nail already, and just needed a little nudge here and there to get them in place.
Now, there is no way I will be able to tell you all the different glitters that are in this bottle, but I can rattle off the ones I have spotted so far:  - big holo aqua circles, yellow flowers, baby pink snowflakes, baby blue and red satin hearts, gold holo stars, red holo crescent moons, green stars, purple butterflies, neon pink and blue hexes, yellow, green and red matte circles, fuchsia metallic circles, red shards, and all sorts of colours of fine glitter and tiny square glitters.  My favourites are the gold holo stars, baby pink snowflakes, aqua holo circles and red moons.  It is hard to see the purple butterflies on this base, but I still love this combo.
I love this polish, it's a bit crazy, but it's just so happy.  This is the sort of thing I reach for if I'm feeling a little grumpy, it's pretty hard not to smile when you see such an explosion of colour on the ends of your fingers!  What do you guys think of this, do you like it?

You can find Indy's Indies on Etsy here and on Facebook here.


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    1. awww, thankyou sweetie. I was thinking black, but it's good if we use different base colours to each other. I loved this combo in the end though so it's all good! :D xx


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