Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#33DC - Day 29 - your favourite pattern

 Hi guys, sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was working on some nails, and time just flew by.  It was almost midnight before I even realised, but I think it was worth it.  I'll be posting the mani on Sunday so you can decide for yourselves then. : )  I am back today though, with Day 29 of the #33DC.  I'm so sad that there's only 4 more days after this, I have enjoyed this challenge so much, and it has really pushed me to be better, and more adventurous.  I am hoping I'll have time to join in on a Christmas challenge soon though, so hooray!

 The prompt for today is your favourite pattern, and for me that has to be black lace.  If I didn't have a lace stamping image, I would have gone with leopard print as that is a really close second, and I'm not sure if I can freehand lace. *Adds that to the ever-growing list of things to try* 
The base for this mani was 2 coats of Rimmel Lycra Pro - Ultra Violet, and 2 coats of Shimmer Polish - Karen.  You may notice that I'm holding a Barry M bottle in the photo, but that's just because poor Karen arrived with her neck broken, so I had to salvage what I could and chuck the bottle.  I still love her though, and will be posting swatches of her soon!  The lace image was stamped from PUEEN33 with Konad Black.  This is actually the 4th time this particular image will be blogged, which sounds like nothing, however this blog is only 3 months old so that is quite a lot : D
I loved this mani, Karen is stunning, and would make me love this mani even more if that were in any way possible.  It just adds so much depth to a fairly simple pattern!  Now, if only I could stop getting so brush happy when doing clean-up, then all would be right in my world : D
What do you guys think, do you like this, or maybe think there's a little bit too much happening here for you?


  1. I like this a lot. I think it's fun that the base is glitter and crazy. It is so common with plain creme bases with creme stamping decoration (it's nice too of course) but this kinda variation is so fun to see. :)

    1. Thanks hun! It is very visually interesting, there's a great mix of colours and it was really sparkly too : ) xx

  2. This patern looks amazing over that beautiful glitter! Love these nails x x


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