Friday, 29 November 2013

#33DC - Day 30 - the same pattern in different colours

 Hi guys!  I'm back today for Day 30 of the #33DC and the prompt for today is: the same pattern in different colours.  I decided to go with a vertical pastel rainbow gradient, and some silver stamping.  I love how subtle this turned out, even though I used 6 different base colours!

Those 6 polishes were Rimmel Lycra Pro - Cocktail Passion (creamy coral), Revlon - Cupid (pink), La Femme - Lilac Cream, La Femme - Ice Blue Cream, Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream (light blue), and Headline Colours - Poolside Party.  I also added a coat of Barry M - Pink Iridescent Glitter for a little bit of sparkle
The coral side on the thumb was a lot less orangey in real life than it looks here, but I couldn't fix it without messing up the rest of the colours so I just had to leave it  : (
This image is from Bundle Monster plate BM-022, from the revised edition of their first set of plates.  I was lucky enough to win this set from Bundle Monster's Fall Into giveaway recently, and this is the first image I have tried from it.  As you can see, it stamped brilliantly, I am looking forward to trying some more from this set, there are some very pretty images in there! : D  I actually had a really lucky streak a few weeks back, and won these plates, a Organic Surge face mask, a mini from Indy's Indies, and a set of 3 minis from Polish Yer Hooves (swatches coming at some point)  Thank you to everyone that hosted the giveaways, I am very grateful.  I did end up playing a couple of scratchcards that week too, but I guess that was just pushing it XD


  1. It looks lovely! And you are so lucky winning all those things! I hardly ever win anything... I did win a contest once when The Bodyguard came out on video. Won the video tape and the soundtrack cd... and as you can tell, that was about 20 years ago... pre-dvd... *chuckles*

    1. I still have some of my old video tapes lol, no idea why though, I don't have a video player any more. : D Before that week, I had only ever won a giveaway once so it was a massive surprise. xx


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