Sunday, 3 November 2013

A-England - Lady of the Lake

Hi guys, today I have a swatch of a stunning polish that has been sitting in my vault waiting to be posted for a while.  This is A-England - Lady of the Lake, and this was the gem of the month for October.  After checking the website though, it hasn't been updated yet, so if you're really quick you may still be able to get it for £6 with free UK shipping here. : D

Lady of the Lake is a dusky purple scattered holo, and I managed to catch a little bit of winter sunlight for these photos so you can see it quite well.  I seriously urge you to enlarge the pictures if you haven't seen this polish before, you'll thank me later : )   The formula on this polish is beautiful, this is 2 really easy coats with 1 coat of SV.  This polish is just as shiny without it though, I just can't not use a top coat when I paint my nails.
What do you guys think of this beauty then?  Did you run to the A-England site to try and catch this deal?  Already own it?  Leave me a comment : D


  1. Totally gorgeous, I love A-Englands holos, they're subtle but beautiful

    1. They really are stunning, I bought this and tristam but now I want them all : D x


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