Friday, 1 November 2013

UK Indie Month - Magic Goose - Electra

 Hi again gorgeous people.  Sorry it's so late, I've had a pretty busy day today and didn't realise how late it had gotten.  Anyway, the next UK Indie I have to show you is Magic Goose - Electra.  Electra is made up of small lilac holographic glitter, larger purple hexagonal glitter, and turquoise holographic stars.  I've layered 1 coat here over La Femme - Party Pluto which is a deep blue with purple shimmer.  I will have to swatch this alone for you at some point, it's stunning!

 Application on this was easy; as always, the stars needed a bit of placement, but I had no trouble at all getting them onto the brush.   I did need 2 coats of top coat to smooth out the pointy stars, but that's to be expected.  By now you probably all know that I love purple glitters, and this is no exception.
 I was actually planning on getting Aphrodite from Magic Goose, but I changed my mind at the last minute and went for this beauty instead.  I also saw some new shimmer polishes on Magic Goose that look really pretty, so I may have to pick a couple of those up too : )
What do you guys think of this polish? Have you got anything from Magic Goose yourself?
*I promise, I'm almost out of new purple glitters to show you now, so you should get to see some other colours around here soon!


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