Friday, 1 November 2013

Indy's Indies - Baubles, and Snow is Falling!

 Hi everyone, and welcome to Friday : )  Today, I have some more UK Indies for you to feast your eyes upon, and these 2 are from Indy's Indies Christmas collection. I actually bought 4, so will be showing you the other 2 sometime later in the week.   I love Christmas, I'm definitely a 'creature comforts' kind of girl, and love cuddling up in front of the telly, drinking tea, and hiding from the weather in cosy pyjamas with the OH.  Plus, everything becomes sparkly and pretty at Christmas; what glitter addict wouldn't love it? : )

 First up is Baubles, which is a mix of metallic/ holographic dots in blue, silver, pink, purple, red, black and green.  This is just circle heaven, I knew I would buy this polish the second Danielle posted a picture on Facebook, it just makes me so happy!  Now as you would expect, you do need to do a little placement due to the size of the glitters, but this is definitely a good thing in my opinion.  You don't want them to bunch up too much, so it's much easier to get a good even coverage that way.  It was super easy to get them onto the brush, they came off the brush easily, and laid flat without any encouragement.
This was 1 coat over a plain black cream, with a few placed here and there to fill in any little gaps.  Danielle also has a polish called Oh Christmas Tree which is a mix of green shards and slices, and makes a fabulous base for this topper.  They really do look like baubles hanging off of a tree.  I will probably end up buying that one too, so may be able to show you a swatch in the future : )

 The second polish I have to show you today is Snow is Falling, which is a chilly mix of white snowflakes, hexes, shards, and dots; winter white hexes and squares, and iridescent rainbow fine glitter.  I've layered 1 coat here over w7 - Blue Mirror.  I only had to fish for a snowflake once with this polish, the rest of them were already on the brush, and it was quite easy to spread the glitters out.  I am quite fussy with glitter polish, I don't like it if they clump together, but the formula on this was very forgiving, and gave me no bother while I shuffled the larger bits around where I wanted them : )

 I really like this polish, the snowflakes are just so cute, and the little holographic glitters really twinkle in the light, making it look really icy.  I think the base I used for this polish was a great choice too, it compliments the icy look so well!
Overall, I'm really impressed with the whole Christmas Collection from Indy's Indies, and I had a really hard time limiting myself to only 4 when I ordered these.  If you haven't already, I strongly advise you to have a look at her Etsy shop, just make sure you leave me a back-up bottle of Baubles : P
What do you guys think of these winter beauty's then?


  1. I love your swatches of Baubles! So much Sparkle! I've just bought Balloon House after seeing loads of pretty swatches, and also Don't Eat Yellow Snow - can't wait to try them both :-) x x

    1. Thanks hun : ) The other 2 I got are Ding-a-Ling and Santa's coming, and they are just as gorgeous x

  2. I love all of these indie posts, you have introduced me to so many indie brands. All of your swatches are lovely, I have a huge wish list now!

    Sarah :)

    1. Aww thanks, I'm glad you like the posts. UK Indie month is technically over, but I've still got loads to show you, and some US Indies too : D xx


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