Sunday, 24 November 2013

My 10 Favourite Nail Polishes

Hi guys, today I have something a little different for you.  This week, a load of the British Nail Bloggers have been posting about their top ten nail polishes, and I decided it could be fun to join in.  After much deliberation, I decided I had to do 2 separate top ten's.  One for indies and one for mainstream polishes.  This will be a picture heavy post!

So, lets start with mainstream polishes then shall we.
 10.  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Lavender Cloud.
This is my go to white for all designs.  I wanted something not quite white like OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls, but without the rather handsome price tag.  At £1.49 from Fragrance Direct, and 2 coats for opacity this fit the bill perfectly.  In fact, this bottle is rapidly depleting at the moment - good thing I have a back-up!
9. Barry M - Guava (base colour in this mani)
I love this polish, it's really vibrant and uplifting.  This polish actually made me fall in love with aqua blue/green polish, and put me on a mission to buy them all!
8. Models Own - Purple Mystique.
This is a polish I acquired only recently.  So recently in fact, that this photo hasn't been posted yet.  It doesn't really do this polish justice, and I'm planning on re-swatching but this is all I have for now.  This picture is 2 coats, and I love the velvety purple depth that this polish has.  There is one other reason that this is in here, but I can't tell you what without giving something away for later in the week. ; )
7. Barry M - Silver Foil Effects.
In at number 7 is Barry M Silver Foil.  I rarely wear this as a base polish, as it has a tendency to be a little brush-strokey, but it is my go-to silver stamping polish, and silver is my go-to stamping colour - need I say any more?
6. Revlon Top Speed - Cupid.
Another recent addition to the stash, this was instantly my go-to baby pink.  It's creamy, well-pigmented, a stunning colour, and as you can see in this mani, can definitely stamp over light colours.  I haven't tried over black yet, but I do have high hopes for it!  Add to that the fact that this cost me just 99p from Fragrance Direct and it's easy to see why I have 3 bottles of this.
5. Kleancolor - Metallic Aqua.
In at number 5 is the stunning Metallic Aqua from Kleancolor.  This polish does smell pretty funky, but I honestly can't hate it for that.  It's a beautiful colour, is packed full of micro-shimmer, is crazy pigmented and stamps like a good'un as demonstrated above in one of my favourite ever mani's.  Whilst it's not available in the UK, it is readily available on ebay, and I buy my Kleancolors in bundles from the US which works out at about £2.50 per polish, including international shipping.
4. Nails Inc & Kate Spade - New York Noir (free in Dec's Glamour mag)
This is the black Nails Inc that is free with December's issue of glamour magazine, and it really is lovely.  It's highly pigmented, applies well and dries really glossy.  Considering this was free with a £2 magazine, it's great value, and I don't think anyone could blame me for buying a back-up.
3. Barry M - Blue Grape.
Number 3 is the stunning Blue Grape by Barry M, and the more I think about it, the more I think it should have been at number 1.  This polish is pretty much the thing that turned my interest in nails into a full-blown obsession.  It's the most vivid, stunning, bright yet dark, electric blue, and if you could marry polish I would be Mrs Blue Grape. When it was released it actually matched my hair colour perfectly too! That's why this mani was my first ever proper blog post : D
2. Seventeen Rock Hard Couture - Cameo Crush
In at number 2 is the gorgeous Cameo Crush.  This is another swatch that hasn't made it to the blog yet, but I can assure you that I LOVE this polish.  It's aqua blue, textured, really sparkly, covers well in 2 coats, and has gold micro-shimmer.  Oh, and it's only £3.99 in Boots - what's not to love?
1. Kleancolor - Metallic Pink
And in at number 1 is my favourite pink ever, Kleancolor Metallic Pink.  Just like Metallic Aqua at number 5, this is a somewhat smelly but brilliant polish.  It's highly pigmented, full of micro-shimmer, and is just a stunning bright pink.  It stamps, can look great in just 1 coat and is very budget-friendly.  I will say that the more I use my Kleancolor's, the less the smell bothers me too so I guess you will get used to it eventually!

Here's the bottle shots I took, and as you can see I have really tucked in to a few of these bottles!

Anyway, I hope you've all enjoyed this post, as I will have another one for my Top Ten Indies later in the week.  I have an in-linkz with some of the other bloggers participating in this down at the bottom, but I know a few of us have missed the deadline to be on it, so there may be a few more bloggers still doing these posts that are not linked down here.  Ladies, if that's you, leave a link to your post in the comments and I'll add a link to this post : )


  1. I love that Seventeen textured polish. I keep seeing it at the moment and really want it!

    1. Get it, trust me, you won't regret it. I think boots might have them on 3 for 2 atm as well. It's really really pretty xx


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