Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fragrance Direct Friday (on Saturday)

 Hi guys, I'm back for another Fragrance Direct Friday (on Saturday) post, and since I've been bombarding you with swatches over the last couple of weeks from UK Indie Month, I figured I would do some nail art for this weeks FDF.

This gorgeous colour is Shade 12 from P.I.A.  I've never heard of this brand before, but as they're only £1.30 here, I chucked a couple in my basket to try out.  The other one I bought was Shade 31, which is a good dupe for Barry M - Rose Quartz Glitter, if a little smelly : )   This pinky shade doesn't smell though, so maybe it's just the glitters!  This is a great polish though, I'm wearing 2 easy coats here, (with no clean-up I might add!)  It dries to a semi-matte almost waxy finish, but I'm wearing a coat of top coat here.
I used this colour in my pinwheel base for yesterdays mani, and I loved the way it looked mattified with silver so I decided to stamp this cog design from Cheeky plate CH10 with Barry M Silver Foil, then mattify the whole thing.  This polish is pretty opaque at 1 coat, so I may have to try stamping with it at some point.  I think it might work over lighter colours at least! 
What do you guys think of this?  Have you ever heard of P.I.A?  Have you ever owned any?  Would you like to see any more shades from this brand?  Let me know lovelies : )


  1. Gorgeous colour and love the stamping x

    1. Thanks, I've wanted to use that image for ages : D x


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