Monday 28 October 2013

#33DC - Day 16 - South America

Hi guys and girls.  I'm back today for Day 16 of the #33DC and the prompt for today is South America.  I was totally stumped on this prompt for ages, and I ended up asking the rest of the Crumpets Nail Tarts on facebook to help me out with inspiration.  I had so many great suggestions from loads of ladies which I'm truly grateful for, they were all amazing.  However, as is usually the way for me, I promptly had my own idea after asking for help!  I know you may all be wondering exactly how this mani is related to South America, and I promise I'll explain after the jump!

This mani is a tribute to some of my favourite Latin Metal bands.  It's a sub-genre of heavy metal with Latin origins, influences, and instrumentation.  They sometimes use Spanish lyrics, Latin percussion and salsa rhythms. I originally picked 5 bands, but I couldn't recreate all of their logos, so I had to narrow it down to 3.  The 3 I used are:
Cavalera Conspiracy

Ill Niño

The thumb and pinky are stamped with Cheeky plate CH31, and the logos I copied freehand with black acrylic paint.  This may not be as pretty as some of the other ideas, but I really like that this mani means something to me personally too.  Plus, I love the studded CC logo, and the Ill Nino symbol.  I wish my nails were a little longer, as my Soulfly logo is a bit squished at the bottom, but never mind!
If I've peaked you curiosity, never fear.  Here's a Spanish version of How Can I Live by Ill Nino.  Warning:  if you really hate heavy music, you may want to just pop down to the bottom and see what the other Nail Tarts have got for you today : D
ps. if you're wondering why he looks like he's miming badly, it's because the video was done mostly in English - the spanish version is from an album.  : )

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