Tuesday, 29 October 2013

UK Indie Month - Tara's Talons - Atagatis

Hi guys, I'm back with yet another stunning UK Indie polish to show you today.  This beauty is Atagatis, courtesy of the wonderful Tara's Talons.  I actually bought this as part of an any 4 mini's for £9.50 deal, but I really regretted only getting 5ml of this, so I've actually purchased 2 more mini bottles since : )  Atagatis is a rainbow mix of different sizes of hexes and dots, with large light blue hexes, and large holo peach circles.  I love those circles so much, they shine like crazy!

I've layered 1 coat over a plain black polish here, with a teensy amount of fishing for the larger glitters.  That is really impressive when you consider it's from a mini bottle, and look at the holo in that circle on my pinky!  Just stunning!
 If you haven't been to Tara's etsy shop yet you really should have a look.  She has loads of different polishes, and is always adding new ones, plus she has a matte top coat, cuticle oil, false nails and nail art mixes which all look awesome.  She also has a monthly Polish Club subscription service which I signed up for a month ago : )  She also blogs about nails and polish here.  I honestly don't know where she finds the time!
I will be back with another UK Indie for you later today, and some nail art too!  Don't say I don't spoil you XD


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