Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fragrance Direct Friday (on Saturday)

 Hey peeps!  I'm back with another instalment of Fragrance Direct Friday, and today I have the last 2 polishes from the Rimmel Lycra Pro range.  The shade you see above is Night Flight which is currently available for 99p here.  It's a really really really dark purple cream.  I love this colour, and it's a great dark base for glitters if you don't want pure black. This is shown at 2 coats here, no drama, and hardly any clean up needed!

This is shown at 2 coats here, no drama, and hardly any clean up needed! I did use topcoat as I'm impatient, and hate waiting for polish to dry, but the shine on this polish alone was incredible - if you wanted to skip the topcoat, you could.

The second shade I have to show you is Coral Romance - this is 3 coats as there was some VNL at 2.  This is a really vibrant colour.  It's not a neon, it's just this sort of not quite red, not quite orange happy fest.  Trying to get a colour accurate photo of it on the other hand........   I only have 2 photos as so many of them were just way-off, and even then I had to do a crap-tonne of tweaking with the colours in my photo editing programme.  Grrrrrrr!
Anyway, these are pretty much accurate to how it looked on the nails.  Unlike my hands - I look like a well manicured extra from the Walking Dead! 
I'll be back tomorrow with some UK indie goodness, and maybe even some nail art later on too!

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