Saturday, 12 October 2013

Haul of Shame - Part 2 (and some great deals on A-Englands)

Hi everyone.  As promised, I have the second part to my haul post on Tuesday.  I have since picked up 1 more A-England - Lady of The Lake- which is the gem of the month this month, meaning you can get it for £6 here with free UK delivery too.  I also noticed that they have launched some sets called Harmonies where you can buy a few of their polishes together with some pretty nice discounts.  I am seriously pining for Harmony in Black!

Anyway, these are the rest of my recent acquisitions:

First, I grabbed a couple of polishes from Fragrance Direct.  I got Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss in Neon Yellow (swatched it on a stick, and it's pretty pigmented, amazing for the 50p price tag!)  I also got Revlon - Royal and Maybelline MNY polish in 469.  All of these polishes cost me less than £1 - and I ended up with 2 bottles of Royal, as the neon yellow smashed in the parcel and went all over the lid to Royal, so FD replaced them for me.

I recently joined the Taras Talons polish club, and when browsing her Halloween polishes, I couldn't resist picking up a mini.  As I was ordering around the time of Polish Club, Tara kindly gave me a code for free shipping on that, and posted them together.  From left to right we have Princess of Darkness, Autumnal and Oktoberfest.  These came with some lovely packaging too, which I snapped quickly for you.

Then we have 2 A-England's I managed to get from a Facebook group, Tristam and Jane Eyre.

I also managed to pick up 3 more Shimmer polishes from Facebook as well.  Here we have Caroline, Karen and Amy.  Unfortunately Karen was broken when she arrived and I was totally gutted, as my mum's best friend since childhood recently passed away, and her name was Karen.  Luckily I managed to salvage enough to pretty much fill a Barry M bottle.  Thank heavens I had a clean bottle to use!

I also ordered a couple of polishes from Iconic Effect which were Disco Lights and Purple Paradise.

I also picked up Peace is Free by new UK indie Quirk, and Mentality Holo Topcoat from Sally Magpies

And w7 - Moonlight which I got for just £1 from a facebook group.

And last but by no means least, I won a giveaway from Hairy Legs London!  I was so happy, it's the first time I've won something, ever.  Even better, was the fact that the polishes up for grabs were neither of the ones I had bought a week or two earlier.  Here's what I won:
 Rainbow Troll, Bad Luck (which wasn't available to buy at the time, but is now) and As If!

There were also 3 other polishes in there. a brand called ados cosmetics from Poland which is a really pretty shimmer that I am looking forward to using in winter/Xmas mani's, a beautiful old Sally Hansen called Take a Bow, and Sinful Colors - Happy Ending.  I love all of these polishes, and would like to say a massive thank you to Sanita for running the giveaway!   Also, while we're talking Hairy Legs London, I didn't get a chance to show you the gorgeous packaging my order came in last time so here it is:
Isn't it stunning!  It's the little touches that make it feel really special opening your nail mail : D

Also included in my prize packet were a cute Rainbow Troll that the polish was inspired by, and a little Sully figure.  I used to love these Rainbow Trolls, so it's pretty cool I got one now : D

Also, thought I'd quickly share a few non-polish items that I've bought recently.

The MUA Undressed Palette, as I was in dire need of some neutral eyeshadows.

My favourite polish remover in the whole world (it smells of coconut!) and 2 Cocoa Butter hand creams from Superdrug.

A totally awesome stamping plate full of skulls from Born Pretty Store.

And, because he's awesome, my younger brother picked me up some Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter from Lush on his way home from uni.  I have wanted this stuff for ages, just never got around to actually getting any!

And that's it (for now).  I'll be back tomorrow with Fragrance Direct on Friday (on Sunday).  I would have posted that today, if I hadn't had a massive brain fart that I shall tell you about tomorrow : /


  1. Awesome haulage! The polish remover is my favourite too, I wont use anything else apart from pure acetone for cleanup, it's just so good!x

    1. I didn't realise just how much I liked it untill I switched back to a Sally Hansen one - my cuticles got so dried out! I see why lemony flutter's so popular aswell - its great! x

  2. Shame a couple of the broke on you. Your brother sounds fab :P

  3. Hi Sarah! You've so many beautiful polishes and some real deals as well. I've chosen your blog for the "Versatile blogger award" as I believe you're very talented and I just enjoy reading you very much :)

    1. thanks so much Natalia! I'll get the post put together later this week. thanks again : D xx


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