Sunday, 20 October 2013

UK Indie Month - Iconic Effect - Purple Paradise

Hi guys, today I have another stunning UK Indie to show you.  This one is Purple Paradise from Iconic Effect, which is a stunning purple glitter topper.In Kerry and Kelly's own words, Purple Paradise is a glitter top coat with various shades and sizes of pinks and purples, including some holographic glitters and large fuchsia dots.

This is 1 coat over Rimmel Lycra Pro - Night Flight, which I showed you yesterday.  I love the way the colours really pop when layered over a dark base, and the little purple squares and fuchsia circles make this polish really interesting.  Plus, one can never have too many purple glitters if you ask me!
I have got 3 other Iconic Effect polishes to show you, but while it's still UK indie month, I am trying to get at least 1 of each brand I have posted before the end of the month.  I will however tell you that there are some other equally stunning polishes in their Etsy store, including some really gorgeous holo's.
And here's a macro bottle shot, which also lives on my phone screen at the moment : D


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