Friday, 11 October 2013

#33DC - Day 9 - Indian

 Hiya lovely people - happy Friday!  I'm back for Day 9 of the #33DC, and the prompt for today is Indian.  I had a really nice mani planned for this which included some nail stickers and stamping, but when I went to apply the stickers, they were rubbish.  They kept tearing at the slightest tug, so I binned them, and decided to just go with the stamping on all the nails.  Unfortunately, I must have been really off my game by then, as I couldn't get on with that stamping image either, so in the end I chose this.

I was looking at Indian fabric patterns for inspiration, and I noticed a lot of them with circles, and repetitive patterns, so I went with this image from PUEEN49, and took the colour combo from a different piece of fabric.  The polishes I used are BYS - Mosaic Plum, and I stamped using Barry M Gold Foil.  I was so gutted that my original idea went so badly wrong, as I think it would have looked great, but I suppose you can't win them all!  Hopefully, next week will be better for me.  I've got some cool mani's planned, and I have a couple of days break from the workmen in the house over the weekend, although the entire contents of my kitchen are still residing in the sitting room!  Wish me luck!

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