Saturday, 26 October 2013

Chocolate Stamping

 Hello again : )  This is the stamping I did over Sally Hansen - Chocolate Nut that I promised to show you earlier.  Since this is the first mani I've ever done with a brown base, I decided to play it safe, and stick with a colour I knew would look nice - Barry M - Gold Foil Effects

I stamped this image from Pueen plate PUEEN35 from the Love Elements collection.  I really wish I had slightly bigger nails when I'm stamping.  The images in this set are in no way large, but I can't even fit the whole heart on my fingers, only my thumb.  That aside, I have been wanting to use this image for ages, and I still really like the way it looks.
What do you guys think?  Do you like brown nail polish?  Know any good colour pairings for this polish?  Leave your comments at the bottom : )


  1. I love brown polish, the stamping looks great over the top

    1. thanks. I normally detest brown anything, but for this polish I have made an exception. : D


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