Sunday, 13 October 2013

Fragrance Direct Friday (on Sunday)


Hi everyone, how was your weekend?  I'm back today with another instalment of Fragrance Direct Friday (sorry it's such a late one by the way)  Any of you who saw part 2 of my haul post yesterday will already know that I was planning to do this post yesterday, but had what I called a brain fart, and ended up with nothing to post!  I may have accidentally swatched the wrong polish, and although it was the same brand, and also a very similar colour, it isn't on the site, and I didn't get it from there!  So, I ended up doing the swatches for this post earlier this afternoon!

Anyway, I have 2 polishes from the Revlon Top Speed line to show you today, which are both still available here for 99p each.  First up is the very popular Royal, a stunning cobalt blue jelly.  These swatches are 3 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite.  This wasn't really necessary, as this polish was very shiny by itself, but I always knock or dent my nails when they're drying, so I always use Seche.  And, in case anyone is wondering, this is not a dupe for Barry M - Blue Grape, as it is a few shades darker.

Expect to see this polish a lot in the future, I love bright cobalt blues!

The second polish I have to show you is called Electric.  It's a stunning yellow with lots of gold/silver shimmer.  I can't be sure if it's gold or silver, but I suspect it may be a little of both.  If anyone else knows, please leave a quick comment, it's driving me bonkers!  This is also shown at 3 coats, which is very normal for a yellow polish.  However, this is well pigmented too, so I may have been alright with 2 coats if I was a little more careful.

I bought this mostly to use for nail art, as I'm really not partial to yellow polish, but I do think this is pretty, and I imagine it would look stunning on darker skin than mine.  There's something about bright yellow against fair skin that just doesn't look right to me!

I also have one more shade from this line that is still available, it's called Mistletoe, and you can see a swatch of it here.


  1. I have wondered if Royal was the same as Blue Grape, looks like I still may have to get Royal now :P

    1. I thought they may have been dupes untill I put them side by side. Most blokes wouldn't see a difference, but we know better! xx


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