Wednesday, 30 October 2013

#33DC - Day 17 - Artwork with your favourite brand

 Hello gorgeous people!  Today is Day 17 of the #33DC, and that means we're more than half way through : (  The prompt for today is to do some artwork with your favourite brand.  For me that has got to be Barry M.  They are always bang on trend, have great formula's, an extensive shade range and great value too.  I know the Sequin Effects were a massive let down, however Nails Inc beaded polishes look exactly the same, and they're nearly 3 times as pricey.  I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions from that!

I was originally thinking of doing something with the Royal Glitters I have, but I didn't get to paint this until gone midnight last night, so I will leave that for another day.  Instead, I picked 2 of my favourite colours of all time, Blue Grape and Guava.  This is just 1 coat of Guava, stamped with Blue Grape from Pueen image plate PUEEN37.  Then I just added the aqua holographic circle glitters to the middle of the design, and sealed it all with a coat of Seche Vite.
I found it quite difficult to get a colour accurate photo's of Guava, and had to do a little bit of tweaking during editing to get the colour right.  That's why my hands look kind if weird and blotchy in a few of the photos : )
I had a great idea for this image while I was painting these, so don't be surprised if it makes another appearance soon.

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