Thursday, 24 October 2013

UK Indie Month - Hairy Legs London - Monsters Boo!

Hello lacquer lovers! Today I am continuing with UK Indie Month, and I will be double-posting today.  There will be a bit of that going on until November, as I'm trying to post as many UK indies as possible in between the 33 day challenge and Fragrance Direct Friday which only leaves me with Tues, Thurs and Sunday to use!  Anyway, this beauty I have here is Monsters Boo! from Hairy Legs London, which is actually a replacement polish for Monstrous Crater.  The original developed a little reflective curling, and Sanita took them straight off the shelves, and introduced this polish instead.  That says a lot about how much she cares about the quality of her products, and the replacement is equally stunning, and very similar too.  Consider me impressed : D

Monsters Boo! is a mix of small blue holographic hexes, iridescent blue bars, metallic green & turquoise holographic circle glitter dots, bright metallic purple glitter, tiny emerald green glitter, a dash of turquoise blue flakies and some more iridescent glitter.  I have layered it over a gradient of Laval - Ultra Violet (medium purple), and Revlon Royal.  I used 1 thick coat here.  I did need to place the the big circle glitters, but getting them out the bottle was easier than getting me to buy polish! I seriously love this polish, I have a thing for bright blues and turquoises so this is perfect for me.
These pictures don't really capture the beauty of this polish.  At a normal distance it's super sparkly, and at times a little glowy.  I can see this polish looking great over so many colours, but I especially like it over this gradient.  I'd love to know what you guys think of this polish; what colour(s) would you pair this with?
mmmmmmmmm macro!

ps. If you pop over to her Etsy store, check out Cute Poison from her Halloween collection .  I got my bottle this morning and I am in major love! 

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